August, tranquil holidays

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CONGRATULATIONS! Holidays are here. All year you’ve been waiting to travel, visit other countries or simply disconnect from your daily routine. Now is also time to protect your home, just to be as safe as possible in your absence. Thieves can take advantage during these months and steal & rob to have their own great “August.” We want to prevent this and offer you a series of tips so that travelling and enjoying wherever you go and are, is your only concern.

Where to start a tranquil holidays?

First thing to do would be to check the door-locks. This should be with a double security system and with a key non-copy safeguard. In this way they will not be able to remove the lock barrel and make a copy of your key to be able to enter. The second thing would be the windows, 80% of thefts happen when they gain entry through the windows or doors. Best option is to have windows with aluminum frames, enclosed with an internal steel reinforcement feature.

There are cases, such as single-family homes, or ground level flats, where putting some type of caged security reinforces security and can deter thieves. Choose the options in which you can cover this aspect and that does not convey the feeling of being caged or trapped. If you do not contemplate this last option, maybe install an alarm, which could be the most suitable solution to have your home more secure ?

Your options

Also, there are many options and companies, with different rates and coverages, which can cover almost 100% of normal situations. Streaming video, IP camera, smoke detector, presence simulator. All these can always act as a deterrent measure.

As you can see, all these tips are to prevent problems and to deter ‘unwanted friends’.

Although these measures are important but, just in case they are not enough, having home insurance that covers possible thefts is an efficient solution that will save you a great deal of trouble when you return from your holiday. However, In case of suffering a robbery in your home you can make a claim about the stolen and / or damaged goods that are included in your home insurance policy, and what the thieves have broken or damaged in order to enter (windows, doors, bars, etc.).

As you can see, going on holidays is always fantastic, but returning home and suffering from one of these unwanted situations may not be as pleasant. So it’s best that professionals in the sector assess your particular case and give you the best cover advice for your home and your assets.

So don’t you think that having home insurance is essential before going away on holidays?

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