CAR / VEHICLE insurance

What is car insurance?

and why you need one

Car insurance is compulsory for all vehicles circulating on public roads and its main objective is to cover the costs associated with possible repairs and compensation in the event of accidents involving third parties and the insured car itself.

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What car insurance am I obliged to have?

Compulsory civil liability is the main coverage that is responsible for insuring the expenses caused to third parties while driving the vehicle. By law, every person who owns a motor vehicle is obliged to have up to date insurance for its correct circulation.

What types of AUTO insurance are there?

Apart from the obligatory civil liability, we can request that additional coverage be included in the policy, for example, theft of the insured vehicle, breakage of the vehicle’s windows, fire and own damage, among others.

The modality to be contracted depends on the characteristics of the policy, for example, third party insurance is the most basic insurance that can be contracted for driving.

It includes personal accidents for the driver of the vehicle, compulsory civil liability insurance and legal defence. Sometimes, depending on the company and type you choose, it may also include additional coverage such as:

  • Travel assistance
  • Protection as a cyclist and/or pedestrian
  • Processing of fines
  • Free choice of garage
  • Breakage of Windows

If you are still in doubt at Boracay Brokers we have your car insurance and insurance for any vehicle and we will advise you on the best cover for you.

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