Civil Liability Insurance

What is Liability insurance?

and why you need one

It is the insurance that is responsible for repairing the damages caused to a third party, to their property or patrimony, by action or omission, with proven fault or negligence. It entails financial compensation for damages to third parties, and allows us to have real security to exercise a profession or simply to carry out our daily lives safely.

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What types of liability insurance are there?

There are different types of CR, you do not have to be self-employed or have a company to take out civil liability insurance. Simply by being the head of a family you can have this insurance and thus have peace of mind in the event of any unforeseen event that may occur.

Insurance or guarantees that protect the insured and his or her family within the private sphere.

Whether they are companies or individuals, they protect their assets against possible damage caused by their business or professional activity.

They guarantee civil liability arising from personal and/or material damage caused to third parties in the normal course of business.

The aim is to protect the personal assets of high-ranking persons such as directors, managers, partners, etc. against claims relating to mismanagement causing damage to the company.

What does liability insurance cover?

It covers different capital depending on the activity you carry out, or if you are a household, company, self-employed, a pet owner or an infinite number of situations and/or activities.

Who should take out CR insurance?

All persons who carry out an economic activity or profession that falls under the current regulations, as it is not compulsory for all of them. There are also civil liabilities not derived from an economic activity, such as having a dangerous breed of dog, among others.

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