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Why buy health insurance with Boracay Brokers?

Health insurance helps cover medical costs thanks to health coverage assigned to the policy. In this way, the insured and their family are protected in the event of suffering from any illness or disease.

At Boracay Brokers we offer wide policy options based on your needs when purchasing health insurance. Find more information here.

Types of Health Insurance Policies

There are many types of health insurance, depending on the coverage and payment method.

Some include co-payments and other more complete ones add a dentist, it all depends on the needs at the time of contracting.

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They are those insurances for which you pay a single premium and with which you can go to the doctor’s appointment as many times as you want without additional payments per visit. With the medical plan without copayments you can choose between all the medical and hospital centers that have agreements with the insurer, that is, that are part of its medical plan.

These policies allow the insured to go to the centers that are part of their insurer’s medical list, but in addition to the annual premium, a price is paid for each visit or consultation. These amounts vary depending on the product and assistance received.

With this type of health insurance, the user has free choice of doctors and clinics. Once the assistance is received at the preferred center, the expenses are presented to the company and it is responsible for reimbursement to the insured of between 70 and 100% of the costs, as established in the contracted Health policy.

Health should always be a priority

Having insurance that offers you priority medical care is the key to a fast, effective and efficient solution.

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