Health Policies

Health Insurance

WE CARE for you and your entire family and we can help you make decisions that make sense for your needs. We specialise in health insurance and want to offer you a comprehensive concept of wellbeing for you and your loved ones, giving you access to all the advantages and benefits that you will have with us.

Business Insurance

Because we know very well how much it has cost you to get here. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you, and pay only for what you need. At Boracay Brokers, we HELP your company, whoever it is, whoever you are, we care about you and our team specialised in companies will inform you of everything you need to know to work without worrying about the unexpected.

Business Brokers

Home Insurance

The insurance you need for the surprises you don’t want. The Home Insurance that Boracay Brokers offers you has been designed to guarantee you total protection against any adversity and risk related to your home. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, we will find the insurance that best suits your needs, always at the best price. We have the most complete home insurance policies on the market, with a wide variety of options to offer you a set of guarantees and cover that will cover any problem in your home.

At Boracay Brokers, WE DEFEND YOUR HOME.

Life Insurance

WE PROTECT your life. They depend on you, think about them. It’s that clear. Our purpose at Boracay Brokers, its that life insurance  offer a guarantee to the people who are close to you in the event of any misfortune. We think about the lives of the people who matter most to you and we protect their financial stability in order to give them the best possible future when you are no longer with us.

Secure Vehicle

Car Insurance

Whether you are private or self-employed, at boracay brokers we have the insurance your vehicle needs. we are experts in getting the best insurance at the best price on the market. We resolve your doubts and help you choose the best insurance for your vehicle and for you as a driver.

Pet Insurance

At Boracay Brokers we want our clients to make the best decision when taking a pet insurance, and that cost is not an obstacle to doing so. Both the health of our pets and their civil liability insurance are very important and at Boracay Brokers we have this in mind.

Life Insurance
Secure Vehicle

Civil Liability Insurance

In our everyday life we often encounter situations in which we are liable for having caused damage to third parties. In these situations, we are legally obliged to repair or replace these damages. At Boracay Brokers we can offer you Civil Liability insurance to cover these situations.

Communities Insurance

Acquire an insurance for your community with Boracay Brokers, it will allow you and your neighbors to enjoy the maximum tranquility. We have the solution to protect your community against any unforeseen event. We tell you about it.


Life Insurance
Secure Vehicle

Travel Insurance

We offer you the ultimate travel insurance, with coverages adapted to each type of traveler and destination. Don’t let any unexpected event ruin your trip, let Boracay Brokers advise you.

Burial Insurance

Whatever happens, wherever you are, we will always be by your side. Our commitment is to offer you comprehensive insurance so that you have peace of mind at any time of your life.

Life Insurance
Secure Vehicle

Accidents Insurance

At Boracay Brokers we know that no matter how hard you try to organize your life, things don’t always go the way you want. That’s why we have accident insurance to help you deal with any unexpected event, so  you can live with total tranquility and security.

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