Home insurance

What is Home Insurance?

and why you need one

HOME insurance defends your home from possible damage, as well as all the goods that you include in it. It can cover damages caused inside your home, as well as those that you may cause to a third party.

Multi-risk home insurance is the insurance by which an owner of a home protects it from the risks and damages that it may suffer, such as those derived from electrical short circuits, burst pipes, various breakdowns, domestic accidents, theft, etc.

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What basic cover will my Home insurance cover me for?

This coverage refers to all the elements that make up the structure of the property such as walls, pipes, floors, ceilings, façades. With this coverage, the insurance company will take care of the necessary repairs to these elements always according to the conditions stipulated in the policy.

On this occasion, reference is made to everything inside the dwelling, such as furniture, electrical appliances, clothes, jewellery, etc. With this coverage, the replacement or repair of everything included in the home will be covered, and if necessary, compensation will be paid for its value (it is essential that it is real). It will be important to inform the company of any variation, as this will modify the insured value.

Liability covers material and/or personal damage you cause to a third party, due to your own acts or those of persons under your responsibility.

What is the essential coverage in HOME insurance?

Civil Liability covers material and/or personal damages that you cause to a third party, due to your own actions or those of people who are under your responsibility.

It is recommended that you take out this cover with a minimum value of 300,000 euros, as incidents can occur with considerable indemnities. It is possible to select a higher capital sum.

What other covers are important in my HOME insurance?

This coverage guarantees that the insurer will respond to damage or loss as a result of a robbery, theft or robbery that occurs inside or outside the property.

Thanks to this coverage, in the event of a fire, explosion or damage due to atmospheric phenomena (lightning strike, for example), the goods that have suffered damage due to direct exposure to fire are insured. In addition, the goods and the building that have been affected by smoke would also be covered.

What other covers are important in my HOME insurance?

  • Breakages.
  • Water damage.
  • Atmospheric phenomena.
  • DIY assistance.
  • Loss of rentals.
  • Accidental all risks.
  • Extension, reconstruction of garden and furniture.

Many wonder:

Can I take out home insurance if I am a tenant?

Is HOME insurance compulsory?

What is the right amount of capital to insure my home?

If I have a mortgage, am I obliged to have HOME insurance with the bank?

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