Business insurance

What is Business Insurance?

and why you need one

Business or company insurance is an insurance policy that covers the damages that may be caused in the establishment where we carry out our activity, as well as the damages that we may cause to third parties in the same.

If you are self-employed, an SME or a large company, and you have business premises for your activity, this is the insurance you need, as it is compulsory to have it contracted in order to obtain the opening licence.

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What cover can I take out?

There is a wide range of cover that you can take out according to the needs of your business, such as glass breakage, water damage, electrical and aesthetic damage, machinery breakdown, fire, theft, goods, cash in transit, legal defence, loss of profits, etc.

All these covers are customisable, so it is important to be clear about the activity and the risks that your business represents and to have advice like the one we offer you at Boracay Brokers, to listen to your needs and advise you in the best way, so that you can take out the insurance that you really need for your company.

Differences between

The value of the insurance should be on the estimated total reconstruction.

The value of the insurance must be the total value of the furniture, including machinery and goods.

What should I take into account when taking out BUSINESS insurance for a company or self-employed person?

If you need insurance for your business or professional activity there are a series of data that are needed to be able to do it, for example type of activity that is developed, number of employees, square meters of the premises and year of construction of the building, etc.

Leave it in our hands and you will be able to concentrate on making your business grow, because we know how exposed you are to continuous risks.

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We will ask you the key questions to find out what you need and find the best insurance for you, whether you are self-employed or a company.

At Boracay Brokers you will find warmth and closeness, so that you will find security, always maintaining seriousness and professionalism towards all our clients, who are our priority, being these and their needs an essential part of our identity.

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