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Why get car insurance with Boracay Brokers?

Car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles that circulate on public roads, its main objective being to cover the expenses associated with possible repairs and compensation based on accidents that occur with third-party cars and the insured car itself.

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Types of Car Insurance Policies

There are many types of car insurance, depending on the coverage and the method of payment.

Some include only mandatory civil liability and others also include glass repair, theft or fire.

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This type of car insurance allows the insured vehicle to circulate within current legislation and protecting possible victims, both material and physical, from an accident caused by the insured.

This type of car insurance extends the basic third-party car insurance by adding some features:

  • Windows
  • Heist
  • Fire

This type of car insurance offers a wide number of policies. They are usually offered with or without excess, at the convenience of the insured.

Not having your car insured is illegal

Current legislation obliges “every owner of motor vehicles who occupies public roads in Spain or has his usual parking here, will be obliged to sign and maintain in force an insurance contract for each vehicle of which he is the owner.

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