Community insurance

What is community insurance?

and why you need one

The community insurance will cover damage caused by vandalism in any common area, by persons outside the building/community. Thanks to this insurance, damage to the community’s furniture will also be covered.

The residents’ association insurance protects us against claims that may occur in common areas, such as staircases, theft of common furniture, floods, lifts, among others.

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The advantages of community and building insurance:

  • Insurance for residential buildings
  • Insurance for office buildings
  • Insurance for buildings with private garages
  • Community of villas
  • Insurance for communities of properties

What coverages does it have?

Among the most important covers of this type of insurance is the fire and water damage cover, which can be extended to the tenants (private damage), as well as the Civil Liability cover.

This type of insurance requires adequate advice, including all the common elements, establishing the appropriate capital sums, as well as the necessary additional coverage such as aesthetic damage, assistance in the building, pest control, reconstruction of gardens, clogging of general conduits, breakages, employee accidents, etc.

Is it compulsory?

However, there are regional regulations on civil liability or fire insurance; for this reason it is important to find out exactly whether or not it is compulsory to have this insurance in your area.

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