Travel changes your life

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Did you know that there is scientific evidence that shows that travelling is good for your health?

In addition to experiencing a physical improvement, an improvement in our level of happiness is also established; Both the heart and the mind work better, generating less stress, better self-esteem and well-being. In summary, you could say that travelling changes your life, for the better.

Apart from all these benefits, there are other non-tangible ones such as the change of mentality that you experience when exchanging points of view with other people from other cultures different from yours.

The question is: If it’s so beneficial to travel, why is it so difficult for us to do so?


The traveller’s fears and the money as a limiter

It is true that there are often impediments when travelling, such as family, other responsibilities, fear of flying, the unknown place where we are going to, etc.

But all these issues are only small obstacles, often caused by ourselves, which do not allow us to experience new cultures, adapt our way of thinking or carry out different activities.

Another thing could be the economic limitation that we have; But the good news is that travelling does not have to be expensive.

There are countless places to go with a reduced budget; You can take advantage of the ‘Couch-Surfing communities’ or practice the House-Sitting model.

Get away from the traditional tours already prepared for tourists and mix with the locals. This way you do not have to go with a super budget. The idea is to live the experience of being in a city that is not yours and to experience how people live and think. And again that does not have to be expensive.

Another wonderful reason to travel, is to venture out of our comfort zone.

The benefits in this aspect are endless because it enriches you mentally, strengthens your self-esteem, gives you greater scope to face problems and of course, because it makes you happy.


Requirements for travelling

As we said, to travel you do not need large amounts of money. You can choose lowcost trips, and something essential when you travel but we do not pay much attention to is your health. It is extremely important, when organizing our adventure, to know where we are going and the inconveniences that we may encounter there. For example, there are countries, in which, as a foreigner, health coverage is not the same. And it is in those cases where, before travelling, we must make sure we have some type of cover or Health Insurance, in case of having some mishap, in order to be certain that the problem will be sorted.

Travelling is one of the most pleasurable experience there is. Because the amount of benefits it brings, it’s vital in our personal and sometimes professional development. So don’t think about it anymore and go on a trip, get to know other cultures and feed your mind and your heart.

Lets see each other in another country, somewhere nice around the world.


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