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Go wherever you go, we’ll accompany you… From BORACAY BROKERS, we want to enjoy this summer with you, so just pack your bags and enjoy.


Travel assistance this summer

  • Medical assistance worldwide due to an unpredictable illness or accident.
  • Pharmacy expenses.
  • Emergency dental expenses.
  • Repatriation in case of serious illness, accident or death during the trip abroad.
  • We cover the extension of the stay in case of illness or accident that does not permit and allow you to travel.
  • We cover the travel expenses and stay of the person that you decide is your significant other if you are hospitalized.
  • The safe return of minors – infants.
  • Early return to country of origin in case of hospitalization or death of a relative.
  • We would assist, manage and compensate you economically for theft, loss or deterioration of your luggage.
  • Expenses coverad for the delay in the delivery of your luggage.
  • Expenses coverad for the delay when starting the journey.
  • Cancellation expenses of your trip. We reimburse you for your unsatisfactory vacations experience.
  • We guarantee the cover of any accident via public transport during your trip.
  • Public liability.
  • Travel delay.
  • Delay of the trip due to overbooking.
  • Compensation due to loss of flight connections.
  • Trip cancellation.

And much more. Check the best options that suit your trip,

Where do you want to go?


Vehicle Insurance for this vacation

Road assistances, wherever you are.

Choose your cover.

Assistance coverage is the service of assistance to people and vehicles when they suffer an incident, both in the national territory and abroad.

By contacting the company, roadside assistance will be sent to the vehicle and travel assistance will be provided for people traveling inside.

Does your insurance cover “on-site” repair? This coverage covers the despatch of a mechanic to the place where the vehicle has as a consequence, mainly, of a mechanical breakdown, in this way once the incident is solved, you can continue with your trip.

Many times it is not possible to repair the vehicle in the same spot where it is located, therefore it will be necessary to tow it to a workshop, this liberal and free choice will depend on the coverage chosen in your policy.

Roadside assistance coverage is not limited to only spanish territory, but also, depending on the modality contracted, you may have international coverage. Are you covered?

We will review your coverage without obligation, so when your trip starts, you do not have to worry about anything else… just enjoy!



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