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On more than one occasion I have heard our clients say, with total certainty, that they do not need a home insurance since they live in rented accommodation and they say it in such a way,  with an aire of security that leaves me perplexed.

Given this statement, I add; “Of course! because you, as a tenant, have ‘super-powers of protection’ against any unforeseen event that could happen in your home. Because a person who lives in rented accommodation is obviously never going to have a breakages, say water pipes that causes water damage to a neighbour, for example … “.

Given the likelihood of my comment, I proceed to explain and argue, since not only that your home needs insurance, but also, you need it… urgently.

Any tenant, upon signing his lease, agrees to keep the house in perfect condition, and to return it as it was the first time they started to rented it. Although that rental laws state that it is the landlord who must perform the necessary repairs to maintain the home so that it’s in a satisfactory conditioned to live, this law does not protect the tenant when the damages have been caused by themselves. And it is here, at this point, where we must focus and think about the need to protect our home if we are tenants.


Protect yourself against incidental events

Imagine if you have a breakage in a toilet in your home and this causes water damage not just in your home but also to that of your neighbour’s. You don’t want to spend twice as much to repair it because you do not have insurance, but you’ll be forced to do so.

You must fix the damages to your home, and but also that of your neighbour’s. Whether you like it or not.

We already said in our previous article, it is vitally important to get good insurance advice so that everything goes well.

Do you really want to invest your money in repairs to damages ? when contracting an insurance for your HOME you can help live with peace of mind !

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