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Nowadays it is extremely important not to leave aside an online presence in any business, and the marketing of insurances obviously does not escape this fact .

It’s essential to understand that current clients seek references of quality, service or professionalism of the business in question, before making a decision. The marketing and advertising channels that were present years ago, or the ways of communicating the product or service are no longer adequate.


Digitaltization has become the marketing norm

Any self-respecting business, especially those dedicated to insurance products and services, should start offering extra value to their customers. Customers are now more demanding and intelligent when deciding whether a product or service will meet their requirements, or if they even need it. It’s the brands that must generate valuable content that provides extra information to the consumer. We must inform and not sell, we must advise and
not just force products or services onto the customer.

It’s the “humanization” of the company that creates the necessary empathy to a client – company connection. And this is especially important in an activity as competitive as insurance services. Nowadays, companies or individuals, obtain this type of service hoping not to have to use them, expecting for everything to go well, in any given area.

But, when it does not ?

It’s in that precise moment where good advice, given by a good company, takes special prominence.

“It’s in this situation where the client decides to choose an insurance company and not another”

The difference is the human treatment, when its a person to person meeting, empathize with the person sitting in front thats waiting for the insurance company to offer or adapt the product to their needs, with sincerity. Prior to this aspect, the client in the chair in-front , is expecting that professionalism and quality, it is the work of the company to communicate these values through the different channels that the current market offers us. The online presence of a business ranges from its own website, to its branding or digital marketing.


Insurance and digital communication

It’s in these areas where we must emphasize and we must express to our future client that our company will be able to cover all their needs and overcome any doubts they may have. But also, by scrutinizing our online marketing and communication channels you can also receive advice, articles of interest, recommendations, news, etc. that will enrich your experience with us.

“It is the company’s job to communicate these values through the different channels that the current market offers us”

It’s our insurance company’s mission to enrich the experience of people seeking information or advice in this complicated world. And we want to do it using all the ways that the current digital world allows us. At Boracay Brokers you will see and receive articles of interest, real life success stories, advice and offers to keep you informed of everything our company can provide you.

Communicate, both in person and through online marketing, is the most important action of any company today in order to stay alive in business, don’t you think ?


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