Halloween vs. Día de Todos Los Santos in Canary Islands

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October feels different now. That is what people say. Every year, many people are excited about the farewell of the month, but others feel suspicious about it. Yes: Halloween is here to stay, one of the biggest economic engines of the year in Spanish market. But, what about Spain’s Día de Todos Los Santos? How did people use to enjoy it in the Canary Islands? Have this tradition fallen into oblivion?

The truth is that new generations have been willing to celebrate the last night of the month with costumes and horror themed parties. In the Canary Islands, however, we had a very special way of celebration in the eve of this date.

The tradition ruled

On October 31th, Canary families gathered in the heat of their home and shared stories about the dead. In addition, foods such as figs “pasaos” (with an almond inside), nuts, chestnuts, candy, wine or honey rum were served in the course of the night. Also, relatives’ graves were framed with flowers and ornaments. On the other hand, the youngest members of the family asked around the town if “Are there saints”, waiting to be presented with food to put in their “talega” (bag). This last tradition is not far from what we know today as Halloween and some people are trying to recover it in the present day.

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So, what do you like best? Halloween or Día de Todos Los Santos?

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