Life Insurance


Life insurance guarantees the payment of a capital sum to the beneficiaries named in the policy upon the death of the insured, or to the policy holder in case of disability. The insurance company promises a death/disability benefit in consideration of the payment of the premium by the insured.

Risks and guarantees of life insurance:

The risks covered by life insurance can be divided into two types, depending on what is agreed in the policy:

  • The main risk: This is the risk of death of the insured person due to any cause.
  • The additional risks: Are other risks of incapacity or death due to special causes, such as serious illness, permanent and/or absolute incapacity and death due to accident (accidents in general, traffic accidents, etc.).
Other services:
  • Online Will 
  • Telephone advice in the event of death.

  • Advice and management of inheritance.

  • Advance of capital for burial.
  • Second medical opinion.
  • 24-hour medical and pediatric counselling service.
  • Nutritional advice over the phone.

  • Child Care.
  • Home tutoring.

  • Pet care.

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