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When you take out an insurance you have to be aware that some coverage for extraordinary events are not covered by any company.

We are talking about catastrophic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis or a case that has affected us closely: the volcanic explosion in La Palma.

There is an entity regulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, called the Insurance Compensation Consortium (in spanish CCS), which deals with compensating people who have suffered damages caused by these kind of events, as long as they had an active policy contracted.

The insurance companies are in charge to destine funds to this entity on a regular basis so that it can cover these extraordinary events without depending on public budget.

Its highest decision-making body is the Board of Directors, in which 14 members compose the Insurance and Pension Funds directory and 17 offices are distributed throughout the national territory.

The insured person who has suffered damage, or the insurance Company itself, can submit the request for compensation to the same entity.

Their contact forms are:

• Through its website:

• By phone: 900.222.665 or 952.367.042

• By email or in person, at the Consortium delegations (

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