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Did you know that flying drones without a Civil Liability insurance policy can lead to a penalty of up to 225,000 euros?

At Boracay Brokers we cover any type of unforeseen event and we want to remind you that it’s mandatory to take out a Civil Liability insurance if you are going to fly your drone regardless of their use (except for toy drones or if it weigh less than 250g).

The European regulation of 2021 establishes its mandatory also if its use is recreational.

Failure to comply with this rule can lead you to get a penalty from 60 euros, up to a total of 225,000!

Surely it’s not worth it to take the risk of having to pay such a high fine for carelessly not taking out this insurance.

What you need is Civil Liability insurance that protects you both in the case of material damage and damage to people caused by your drone.

In order for the insurance policy to cover damage in the event of an accident, it’s important to:

• Do not allow it to fly in populated areas.

• Do not transport dangerous goods.

• Do not fly higher than 120 meters without prior authorization.

• Do not take photos and videos of people without their permission.

• Do not fly near airports, military areas or protected by the environment.

• Keep the drone in sight all the time.

• Have experience and have passed a drone driving test (depending on size and weight).

Also in the few cases in which the Liability insurance is not mandatory for the use of the drone, it is always recommended to have one. In this way we will be protected and without worries.

If you are considering investing in a drone or if you already have one and you haven’t taken out insurance yet, at Boracay Brokers we are at your disposal to advise you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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