Why should you take out a funeral insurance?

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Passing away has a price since the oldest times in the history of mankind.

In the year 2,225 BC, more than 4,000 years ago, the Egyptians invented the first funeral insurance, until in 1920, the first insurance companies that worked with this type of policy were born.

This solution is due to the high cost of organizing the farewell of a loved one, especially in such a difficult and delicate moment.

Without any doubt, it’s a great relief to be certain that we won’t have to deal with paying or doing any type of paperwork in times of pain.

To minimize these costs, funeral insurance is undoubtedly the best solution in this kind of situation.

In the event of decease, the company makes an evaluation of the case and manages the provision of the funeral service, adapting to the uses and traditions of the area. All expenses will be covered by the company.

But the service we receive by having contracted a funeral insurance goes beyond what the charge of funeral costs entails.

The company will also be in charge of offering assistance and psychological help if the family needs it, referring the case to a doctor or specialist when deemed appropriate.

It will take care of managing all the bureaucratic procedures, so the relatives won’t have to worry about the paperwork.

Without any doubt, due to the low monthly payment for a funeral insurance for our loved ones, it’s something that is really worth it and that can help us face such a difficult time with a little more peace of mind.

At Boracay Brokers we also work with this type of policy and we are here at your disposal to advise you without obligation if you are considering taking out a funeral insurance.

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