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Summer is already here and we all want to go on a trip and enjoy our holidays, even more if we think about all the years that we lost due to the pandemic.

For this summer 2022, at Boracay Brokers we want to recommend to you some european destinations that it’s worth to visit.

  1. Procida Island, Naples, Italy

It’s an island in the Gulf of Naples that this year 2022 is the Capital of Italian Culture.

Due to its small extension, about 4 square km of surface, it can be visited in one day, arriving by boat from Naples; Also, if you prefer, you can stay one night to discover every wonder of this island that only has a little more than 10,000 inhabitants.

Its houses in pastel colors are very characteristic, and they transmit joy when you walk in its narrow and ancient streets.

2. La Graciosa, Canary Islands

This small island in the province of Las Palmas is in our Canarian territory. A quiet place, without pollution and with virgin nature and paradisiacal beaches.

It’s worth relaxing in this paradise that we have so close to us.

Due to it being a small island with no airport, the only way to get there is by ferry from Lanzarote.

La Graciosa has an area of ​​about 29 km long and only about 600 inhabitants.

3. Montenegrin

It’s a country in southeastern Europe located on the Balkan Peninsula. Its coastline is on the Adriatic Sea and stretches for 300 km.

It is a place that is rarely talked about and that has only recently been opening up to tourism, but it’s worth visiting, especially its coastal area and the little-explored nature of its interior.

The most important thing, regardless of the destination you decide for your trip, is that you make it safe.

At Boracay Brokers we can help you choose the insurance that best suits your trip and your needs, with the coverage you prefer so that you are always well insured and can enjoy your ideal destination without worries.

Boracay Brokers, seguros por naturaleza.

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