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All of us have done it at least one time. It’s common to send and spread images, audios, videos or screenshots of a conversation, without the permission of a third person.

Over the years and people’s awareness of issues such as data protection law, it has become quite clear that spreading photos or videos of someone over the internet without their permission is illegal.

Doubts arise regarding actions such as sending private conversations through screenshots.

In this case we could affirm that this is not a crime, but it’s a civilly reprehensible behavior instead, since it’s considered an illegitimate interference.

Blasi, professor of Law and Political Science Studies at the UOC and an expert in data protection issues, affirms that this behaviour, in addition to constituting a data protection infringement, the people affected could also claim a compensation for damage to their honor and their intimacy.

Also things that may seem more innocent, such as creating WhatsApp groups with members who don’t know each other or without asking for authorization, are all illegal behavior.

When adding contacts to a group, data such as photo, name, and phone number are inevitably exposed.

The Catalan Data Protection Authority (APDCAT) has recently sanctioned a city council for creating a WhatsApp group with citizens, despite having previously asked for their consent.

For this reason it’s always recommended to create a broadcast list instead of a group.

We are all used to use WhatsApp on a daily basis without thinking or giving much importance to the actions we commit through the application, but we should be more careful to avoid possible problems.

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