What is a life Insurance?

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Life insurance is one of the most sort after  and necessary insurances; We all know someone who has contracted life insurance and it is also one of the cheapest insurances on the market, even having lower premiums than health insurance, for example.

But do you really know what life insurance is and what it covers?

This is a contract where a specific amount of capital is insured, which can be determined according to the personal and professional needs of each person, so that, in the event of death or serious illness, that amount of money (capital) is reimbursed to the insured, legal heirs or a person expressly designated in the life policy.

It’s  a way that, in the unfortunate event should the worst happen, the family unit can continue to maintain its normal quality of life.

Therefore, it’s also a means used to cancel debts that the insured may have….for example ;

It’s very important to have life insurance, especially for families with significant liabilities / debts, maybe for those who have children, people that are at risk who wish to leave stability within their family environment.

Every year, there are more families that can move forward just by having contracted life insurance, thus being able to cancel their mortgage obligations after a death, maybe even so that they can afford to face the costs of treating a serious illness or disability, that without life insurance would have been imposible to achieve.

It should be noted that life insurance is cheaper compared to other insurances such as, say auto or home insurance.

You can get life insurance for a much lower premium than you might think.

If you are thinking of obtaining a life insurance, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you without obligation on everything you would need.

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