How to use your health insurance step by step….

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So you just took out your health insurance, but do you know how to use it?

In this guide we’ll explain all the necessary steps to use your health insurance.

1. Check that you have all the necessary documentation, the office where you contracted the insurance should always give it to you or send it to you by email.

2. Download the company’s application on your mobile phone. The companies have their applications available for both IPhone and Android phones …with which you can register yourself in the client area portal. In the event that your company does not have a mobile application, you can still register in the client area portal via the company’s website using your normal computer. In this portal you can carry out all your procedures, such as requesting card duplicates, bank account modifications, requesting authorizations and much more.

3. If you are waiting for the first health card. The insurance companies usually have two ways with which you can start using your health insurance, even if you have not yet received the official card (which will be delivered to your home): a temporary cover certificate so that you can go to the doctor’s / specialist’s as soon as possible, also you have the possibility to download the virtual (digital) card from the health cover applications of the aforementioned companies.

4. If you need to go to the doctor. The first thing you have to do is locate the specialist you want to see from the medical directory of the health company you have chosen; Within this medical listing you will find the list of specialists and clinics arranged by your particular insurance company. It’s  important to remember that you can only go to those centres whose name appears in the company’s medical directory listing. As these are THE contracted centres – hospitals – specialists, dosctors, etc except in the event that you have contracted an insurance with a reimbursement modality; in this case you have practically, an unlimited medical services selection anywhere in the World.

5. When you have chosen the professional you want to go to see, you must call the chosen centre, where they will ask you about your health insurance company and what health cover product you have contracted.

6. Once you have gone to the doctor, the latter may suggest that you may need to get extra tested….that requires authorisation., normally the clinic you went to is usually the one that is in charge of carrying out this procedure for its patient, but in some cases you may have to request an authorization yourself.

So what you will have to do is contact the insurance head office customer assistance number or, (depending on the company), visit the client area portal via the phone (computer) application and request the medical test authorization through that process.

7. Remember to request authorisation by email so that you can have it with you on your mobile or take it printed when you go to take the required medical test.

8. In the event of a medical emergency, you can go straight to an emergency medical centre or hospital included in your medical directory.

9. In the event of a medical emergency when you are abroad, the first thing you will have to do is contact the customer assistance number from abroad, where they will indicate the closest centre where you can go and receive assistance. . Depending on the companies, in certain cases there are agreements by which your company will take care of covering all the expenses directly with the foreign company, or if there is no agreement, the expenses of the assistance must be anticipated (paid up front), and then your own insurance company will be the responsible for reimbursing you 100% of the invoice paid when you return back to Spain.

10. Sixty days before the expiration of your policy, the company will notify you of the renewal. If you want to continue with your health insurance, you will not have to do anything since the contract will be renewed automatically. However in the case you want to cancel your current health insurance, remember that you must notify the company within the date in advance as established within your contract and have all receipts up to date.

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