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At Boracay Brokers we aim to make your life easier and safer thanks to the wide range of insurances we have, which protect you and your whole family from any unforeseen events. That is why, now more than ever, travel safely and enjoy your holidays, we take care of the rest.

While it is true that we recommend traveling with an insurance that gives us the necessary coverage in the face of any unforeseen events, now, with the situation caused by Covid-19, we recommend it fervently. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that life can change overnight, so when we leave our city we must be as protected as possible.

Travel with security with Boracay Brokers offers

As you well know, Boracay Broker’s premise is  offer insurance adapted to each of our customers, for this now we have launched new travel offers:

The first option is insurance that includes health care coverage or, in case of cancelation for Covid-19, cancellation of the same. Without franchises!

The second option includes travel assistance and also all coverage in the event of an accident. In addition, family civil liability to avoid any unforeseen.

However, as we say, we are experts in creating one insurance that suits you and your family. So now you can travel safely in any month thanks to the support we offer you so that your only concern is to enjoy the experience, we take care of the rest.

Remember that we are available for you at our offices, and you can also make any inquiries or requests through our website or WhatsApp: 683554371

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