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The liability insurance is one of the most necessary in today’s society although not as well known as others. This insurance is generally associated with business activities and, in addition to mandatory, has a considerable importance. However liability insurance may also be personal and that is exactly what we want to tell you today.

What exactly is civil liability under the law?

Well ,  article 1903 of the Civil Code provides that any person harms third parties must be liable to them.

        “Who by action or omission causes harm to another, intervening by guilt or negligence, is obliged to fix the damage caused”

Extract from article 1903 of the Spanish civil code

This means that not only companies or freelancers have this responsibility in society, but anyone. In the case of underages, it will be the parents or legal guardians who take over, and these derived expenses are usually faced with the family estate, in case of not having a liability insurance

Boracay Brokers has a liability insurance adapted to your circumstances

If you use a scooter or electric bike, with our insurance adapted to you, you will be covered by any body accidents you may have, added to assistance, for only 32,00€ per year. A much-needed coverage today in which we use both these gadgets to transport ourselves around the city without being exempt from being able to cause or suffer an accident.

Family triple package. With this offer we ensure exceptional coverage during a trip. Includes travel assistance, accidentes and family civil liability. Designed to be protected at specific times such as a trip, whatever the destination. This offer is available from as little as 5€ per day.

If you want to know more about any of these offers or take out any other insurance that suits your need, in Boracay Brokers we are waiting for you. You can consult us at any of our offices in the south of Tenerife, through our website, or WhatsApp: 683554371

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