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Having  an animal at home is to have one more member of the family. Pets keep us company, they give us a lot of love and we simply offer everything we have. We care about its diet, its well-being and, of course, its health. That’s why having pet insurance is so important to always protect our best friends.

Animals, just like people, need their regular medical checkups, but we can also run into some unforeseen events that could be difficult to take on financially. That’s why we have pet insurance with the best coverage to feel protected at all times. Whatever happens, thanks to Boracay Brokers your best friend will be in the best hands.

Custom-made pet insurance with the best deal

Pet insurance includes liability, accident death, burglary compensation, plus many other services such as consultations, reviews, emergency consultations, or specialty consultations. Thereby, your pet will always be protected and in the hands of the best professionals.

We currently have an offer in promotion with which you can get a gift card of up to 100.00 euros to use in Repsol, Amazon and El Corte Inglés. So don’t think about it anymore and bet on the peace of mind of knowing that your best friend is always safe and protected.

You can know more about pet insurance on our website or consult us without obligation at any of our two locations in Los Cristianos. Remember that we are also available on Whatsapp 683 554 317

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