Travel in the 80s, the big difference with today

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Luckily for us, the way we travel has evolved in recent years: now it feels safer and more comfortable. If we look back, we will realize how things have changed. Because the way we traveled just a few decades ago can’t be compared to the way we do nowadays.

Seats without a belt, smoking inside an airplane… The kind of things we can’t conceive today were normal in the 80s, and if we think about it, it was not so long ago. So next we will take a brief tour of those years and see how much the story has changed.

Travel in the 80s

As we say, some curious things have changed, such as being able to smoke on a plane. Just thinking about that: one single closed place, without ventilation and living with the cloud of smoke for hours… Unhealthy, right?

Nevertheless, the truth is we did not need to go on a plane to live adventures back then. In fact, at that time most trips were made by car. Vehicles that did not have a seat belt, with a little space in the trunk, so we had to put the bags in the car’s roof, almost doubling its height. There was no WhatsApp to entertain us, so there was no choice: we needed to talk to each other and, sometimes, sang the same song all together. Although now it doesn’t sound that bad.

In the 80s, when we were traveling we had to be careful with many other things, such as photos. We thought really well what we wanted to immortalize, and each picture took a few minutes of concentration because the reel would not last forever. If we wanted to communicate with our family or friends, we had no choice but to use a phone booth or the nearest telephone box. We could even send a postcard by mail. What a time, right?

In the end, we cannot deny that something has changed: security has been improved in each of the trips we make. Thanks to travel and vehicle insurances, we can feel safe wherever we are, and in Boracay Brokers we know a lot insurances. If you want to know more about a specific offer, do not forget that you can contact us on our website or in our WhatsApp chat (683 554 317). See you!

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