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In Boracay Brokers, Insurance Brokerage in Tenerife, our main interest, management  model, expectations and competitive characteristics revolve around our professional advice and the formal business like approach we offer our clients. This is summarized in our desire and willingness to offer each customer the insurance product with the most convenient company on the market that suits their specific needs, and always at the best Premium.

Ethics, efficiency and transparency in all our actions are the essential corporate values ​​for us. We have the desire and commitment to establish a long lasting trustworthy relationship  with our customers.

We defend. We help. We take care. We protect. We solve.

Boracay Brokers, Insurance by Nature.

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Health Policies

Health Insurance

WE TAKE CARE of you and your whole family and help you make decisions that make sense according to your needs.

We specialize in health insurance and we want to offer you a comprehensive wellness concept for you and your loved ones, facilitating access to all the advantages and benefits that we have at our disposal.

Business Insurance

Because we know very well how much it has cost you to get to this point in your development.

Choose the payment mode that is the most comfortable for you, and pay only for what you need.

At Boracay Brokers, WE HELP your company, whatever type you have, whoever you are, we care about you and our specialized team in business will inform you of everything you need to know to work your business without worrying about unforeseen events.

Business Brokers
Home Insurance

Home Insurance

The insurance you need for those surprises that you do not want.

The Home Insurance that Boracay Brokers offers you has been designed to guarantee total protection against any adversity and risks related to your home.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, we will look for the insurance that best suits your needs, always at the best price.

We have the most complete range of home insurances in the market, with a wide variety of options to offer you, a set of guarantees and coverages that cover any problem at your home.

At Boracay Brokers, WE PROTECT YOUR HOME.

Life Insurance

WE PROTECT your life. Your Family depend on you, think of them. It’s very clear.

Our purpose at Boracay Brokers, is that a Life insurance offers a guarantee to the people who are by your side, in the face of any major misfortune.

We think about the life of the people that matter most to you and we protect your economic stability to foresee the best possible future when you are no longer there.

Life Insurance
Secure Vehicle

Car / Vehicles Insurance

Whether you are private individual self-employed, at Boracay Brokers we have the insurance that your vehicle needs. We are experts in getting the best insurance at the best premium in the market.

WE SOLVE your doubts and we help you choose the best insurance for your vehicle and for you as a driver.


Monday - Thursday,
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Office 1 - Los Cristianos:

Edificio Edén
C/Bulevar Chajofe
Nº3 Planta 1  Local 117

Phone: 922 979 227
Mobile phone: 635 466 770


Office 2 - Los Cristianos:

Edificio Valdés Center
Avenida Ámsterdam
Local 101A - Puerta 2

Phone: 922 926 999
Mobile phone: 683 554 317


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