School is over and summer holidays begins

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The feeling that many parents have is that this school season has lasted more than a year and a half.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, It seems that there has been no school break … or mental break….

Everyone will remember how overnight” our children arrived with their backpacks loaded with books and notes from the teachers giving guidelines to finish the course at home. And so, suddenly, we found ourselves locked up, acting as teachers and parents at the same time, with the situation of doubt that we are going through, of confusion, of lack of information, of scary, of “Stay at Home” and of huge concern about our employment situation.

Now, it seems that we are gradually normalizing the day by day and with the vaccination we are beginning to see the light; and finally, for our children the holidays are just around the corner.

This makes us start planning, getaways, camps, beach and pool afternoons, concerts, visits to a museum, languages, music, sports…. and make new friends. All these experiences that they will share with the family, will help them grow themselves and developed as people.

From Boracay Brokers, we advise you to organize everything in advance, although of course, on holidays you also have to leave time to improvise and forget about schedules!

Wherever we go with our children this summer, there are some minimums to take into account in the summer season and we want to tell you about them.


It is important that we use sun protection, especially in the midday hours where the radiation is more direct. We recommend factor 50 for children and do not forget to renew that protection throughout the day. Although in creams with sun protection they tell us that they are resistant to water, it is important to repeat the protection several times at day and especially after bathing, both in the sea or in the pool.


Water, water and more water. In summer our body loses more water due to high temperatures than in other seasons of the year. Always take water in the backpack. Always well hydrated.

Juices and soft drinks, in addition to having a high sugar index ended up making you more thirsty, they are not very healthy. Just always drink water, water, water!


They are usually accompanied by vomiting and sometimes also by fever, caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites. Either the contagion is produced by another sick person or by food in bad condition; It is important not to consume mayonnaise prepared with too much time, and it is advisable to wash fruits and vegetables very well before consuming them.

At Boracay Brokers we recommend that you visit your pediatrician as soon as possible if your child suffers an episode of diarrhea, where he will probably recommend oral serum, to always stay well hydrated


In summer it is fun to break the rhythms established a bit throughout the course and the change of diet and activities is more frequent … all this can make our children change their stool rhythm, and this must be watched. To prevent constipation, we will offer plenty of water and a diet rich in fiber (fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains).


How difficult is it to get the child’s out of the water, right? Summer comes and the little ones turn into fishes, whether in the sea or in the pool, and this often means that they can complain of earache. Sometimes it is simply fix with ibuprofen and a few jumps so the water that remained in the ear comes out, but from Boracay Brokers, we advise you to consult with your pediatrician to stay more calm and prevent the initial problem becoming more serious .


So much activity makes our children more easily damaged, especially those parts of the body more exposed, such as elbows, knees, ankles …

Remember that you always have to wash with soap and water, something that we normalized after more than a year of pandemic … and once clean and dry, a topical antiseptic can be applied. If the wounds bleed, you have to press for a few seconds and then apply a sterile gauze, or a plaster of their favorite superhero, which seems not to, but it helps a lot to stop the pain sooner.

For the “bumps” we recommend Árnica. It is natural and relieves pain and helps the skin not to swell, but BEWARE !! From Boracay Brokers, we recommend that you go quickly to emergencies room if the blow to the head has been severe. Better to stay calm from minute one.


Always prevention is better than cure, and today there is a wide variety of products to keep insects away from our children, such as bracelets, stickers, sprays, sticks, etc. etc

If, even so, there is an insect that has managed to do its thing, the first thing to do is wash the affected area with soap and water and apply a special product for bites. If you notice that the inflammation increases, from Boracay Brokers we recommend that you go to the emergencies.


You can not miss this summer a first-aid kit to carry on your getaways with your children.

Plasters, physiological saline, gauze, antiseptic, asparagus, scissors, paracetamol, something for the bites, oral serum, syrup or sweets for sickness etc., a basic kit that you can prepare yourself before leaving home and can take you out from more of a trouble

In addition, from Boracay Brokers we want to remind you that you should not forget your health card, since wherever you go, it is better to always have it with you, and  if you have any questions, we are here to help you solve it.

To finish, We wish all the children a good end of school year and a well-deserved vacation, and to the parents, much encouragement!!

See you soon!

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