Civil liability insurance for holiday rentals or tourist apartments.

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Civil liability insurance for holiday rentals or tourist apartments.

The owners of a property intended for holiday rental are exposed to a series of situations, to which, they will have to find a solution.

We would like to explain what the Civil Liability Insurance for holiday rental properties consists.

You should be aware that holiday rentals always carry with them a number of risks. So it is important to be well informed of the current legislation in order to carry out this activity in accordance with the law, and, above all, with the safest and least possible risks for you and your guests.

Civil Liability insurance for tourist apartments or holiday Rentals?

This insurance covers the damages that the guests may suffer during their stay in the property, as long as it is a provable fact. For example, if we are using the shower and we suffer a fall.

But, this may interest you: This type of insurance does not cover the damage caused by the guest to the rental property.

Similarly, if you have rented your house to guests who are too noisy, the Law 37/2003 is clear: Holiday home hosts are not responsible for the noise caused by their guests. The responsible for non-compliance with noise regulations is the person who caused the action, in this case, the guests who are currently occupying your rental accommodation.

There are regional government regulations that make this insurance mandatory. It is important that you find out if your region requires it, as in recent years the number of communities requesting it has increased.

The Civil Liability insurance for Tourist or Holiday rentals provides tranquility to the owner of the property, as in the event of a claim, is the insurer who takes care of it.

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