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The insurance maintains its service to policyholders against coronavirus

· Health care, life and travel healthcare provide with total normality

· The insurers reiterate their unequivocal support for the public authorities in this exceptional situation


The insurance industry maintains its service to policyholders against this exceptional situation which coronavirus (COVID-19) has generated in Spain. From the industry it is reported that the main insurance guidelines affected by this disease are providing service with total normality at this time.

The Spanish insurance industry want to send a message of calm and reiterate after this announcement its strong and unequivocal collaboration with the actions, established by the heath authorities, to control the spread of the coronavirus in Spain.

The healthcare is guaranteed for all the clients

The life insurer are, equally, satisfying in a prompt way the respective indemnities for the cases of deaths insured by coronavirus and delivering the insured sum to the designated beneficiaries.

The insurance industry also wish to convey to the public opinion that the related services with the rest of insurance (car, home, deceased, etc.) are providing with complete normality.

The insurance companies and the insurance distributors are available to costumers to give them service.

Note to the editor: UNESPA is the Insurance Business Association

Since 1977, represent the interests of its associates against all types of organizations and national and international institutions.

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