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Traveling is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life however, as long as we do it safely. When we leave our country we have to do it with all the tranquillity that, in case something happens to us, we have all the coverage to be sure and some credit cards can help us in that, although not all in the same way

From claiming lost luggage, canceled flights, have medical assistance… When we travel, especially outside the European Union, is important that we fell safe, and it is true that some credit cards include that travel insurance, but  it is basic to read the small print.

Credit cards which include travel insurance

There are some banks which include in these types of cards some free coverages, even covering a certain number of the family members. As we say, the important is to read the small print, not only to know if ours includes or not this type of insurance, but also to know exactly in which aspects we are covered or not.

Even so, as we say, not all the credit cards include travel insurance. In fact, many bankis entities have this service in their most exclusive cards, like a gold visa or similar. These cards, which have a higher maintenance cost and could include more coverages, no only in travels, but also on roads, accidents, etc-

Each bank have their conditions and for this our recommendation is to take your time to see what we have and what we don’t. The most important is to  travel fully covered, so  we can always complement our travel with insurance which covers all our needs.

If you need advice  about the best coverages  to travel in peace of mind , in Boracay Brokers we are delighted to welcome  you. Also, if you want to be updated of all our offers and news, do not hesitate to follow us in social networks.

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