Do we change car insurance company frequently?

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In Spain is compulsory to have an insurance when we have a car owned. In this way we have, at least, the civil liability support in case of suffer an accident.   We have a lot of options to choose from, although it seems that we do not usually change the car insurance company in our country.

The Internet portal “Rastreator” has done a survey that has left us some interesting data about the change of company and the reasons why we do not do it very often. So much so that 23.3% of those polled said they had never changed company. How is this possible with all the offer we have today?

Why do not we change the car insurance company very often? We analyze the survey data

Among all the drivers who have   stated that they have never changed their insurance,  28% consider that they will find a better price than the one they have now, while the 66% consider being satisified with what their insurance company offer.

In this sense,is the price what we value most at the moment of choosing an insurance? For the 77,5% of respondents the answers is yes, the price is the most important thing, ahead of other factors like the customer support or the company reputation.

There is another factor that seems important: the lack of interest. The 44% affirm do the policy renovation automatically, that is, they do not worry about knowing other options there are and being able to improve not only the price of the insurance, but also the coverage.

This investigation prove that it is a mistake, because 6 of every 10 people who decided to change their insurance company found a better offer. The fact is that nowadays we have so many possibilities which are adapted to our needs, so surely is worth it, at least, study if we change our insurance company or not.

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