Do you know what insurance really is?

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The insurance exist, as its name indicates, to protect ourselves against practically any kind of unforeseen. For this we must prevent and contract an insurance that suits our needs and circumstances. But do you know what insurance really is?

Insurances are an agreement between one person (physical or legal) and a certain company where coverage is established in case of any damage or accident. In exchange for this indemnification, the insured must pay a periodic premium according to the type of insurance contracted.

There are insurances which are compulsory by law and others are optional. For example, the car insurance, liability insurance, dangerous dog insurance, and  home insurance in case of a mortgaged home, are compulsory.

In Boracay Brokers, we know everything about insurance policies, we adapt to what the client needs and we adjust to the coverage they need. We work as mediators between the insurance company and others clients, to make sure not only that the clauses are the fairest, but the entire procedure is processed in accordance with law.

How many types of insurance exist?

We must keep in mind that nowadays we can create practically any insurance, because we based on personalization to cover better the needs of each client.

Broadly we can differentiate the following insurance categories:

Personal insurance: life, personal accidents, health or dependency

Property insurance: car, engineering, multi-risk, theft, transports, fires or liability

Service provision insurance: assistance in travel, death or legal defense

If you have any doubt or you need an special insurance for you, in Boracay Brokers we wait for you with a wide range of offer. We search the best solutions for each of our clients.

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