Canarian Christmas Traditions

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Christmas is coming and we are all making the necessary arrangements. Streets are already shining with colorful lights, Christmas trees and Nativity cribs occupy a privileged position inside houses, and shops are full of The Three Wise Meni. During these months, there are traditions that continue being enjoyed after many years, including Canarian traditions that have become very important.

Although Christmas is not an exclusive celebration of the Canary Islands, the truth is that here, just like it happens in all regions, these dates come with our own traditions that make us live Christmas in a different way.

These are the main Canarian Christmas Traditions

One of the oldest tradition is the one with the Ranchos de Pascua or Easter Ranches. They arose in the Canary Islands in the 16th century and it worked this way: several musical groups walked along the streets collecting alms. Therefore, they were able to celebrate masses for the deceased, helping them to get out of purgatory. At first, it was done in November, but later it was extended until Christmas. Many of these Ranchos de Pascua have disappeared, although some remain in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

The native cuisine has a lot of relevance throughout the year, but as expected it occupies a special place when Christmas. From goat meat, “conejo al salmorejo” (rabbit Canarian style) or salted cherne, to the star dish: “trucha” stuffed with sweet potato or “cabello de ángel” (spaghetti squash preserve).

Finally, the Nativity crib, also known as “the Nativity scene” that recreates the birth of Jesus. As tradition dictates, it always occupies a special place in each home, but it also does so in institutions, since more and more of them are offering spaces for Nativity cribs.

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