New Year’s Eve and traditions from around the world

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We are a few days away from the end of the year, so this is the time to take stock and establish new purposes for the year 2020. Because the truth is the beginning of the year is the perfect moment for planning and channeling our lives. That is why it is important for many people to follow one or another tradition during New Year’s Eve.

Likewise, many people believe that not perform certain rituals on the last day of the year can bring us bad luck and ruin all our plans for the New Year. For example, in Spain, we have the famous grapes, so as tradition marks, everyone eats 12 grapes in 12 seconds as good as possible. Everything, of course, with the satisfaction of having fulfilled our part of the deal.

If we look beyond our borders, we will find many other peculiar traditions. If you like to travel, you will probably know some of them, but today we invite you to go around the world with us to choose the New Year’s Eve tradition that you like the most.

Traditions from different countries that must be done on the New Year’s Eve

Italy and lentils. The tradition is about eating a plate of lentils as a symbol of wealth and money. Moreover, it gradually has entered into other cultures, such as in Spain, although this tradition is much more rooted in Italy and present in every house.

Uruguay and the “agua va”. This is the way Uruguayans get rid of bad feelings and take them out of the house, throwing the water from scrubbing through the window as it was done in the Middle Ages. As a result, it is very important to ensure that no one goes under if we do not want to ruin anyone’s day (and year).

Denmark and the broken dishes. This curious Danish tradition consist in receive the New Year breaking dishes against the floor. In addition, according to tradition, they should jump from a chair at twelve o’clock. Good luck assured!

United Kingdom and the race. It is not a secret that punctuality is very important for British. This is the reason why they celebrate the “First Footing”, which consists in being the first one to visit their relatives or friends. This fact will bring good luck in the next year.

Certainly, the best of all these traditions is to travel a lot and get to know them closely. Therefore, you know: the next end of the year look for your good luck all over the world, but always with the best travel insurance, the one that protects you. Do not leave everything to chance.

Boracay Brokers has the best products to offer, you just have to visit our website and ask us any questions. Happy New Year and good luck to you all!

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