The dental insurance to start the year with a smile

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We have set out to start this 2021 with the best of our smiles, so we believe that our dental insurance offer is an opportunity that you cannot miss.

All our professionals are committed to finding the best offers that suit each of our customers and their families, for this reason we can boast the current dental offer: For only € 7.80 per month per insured and with more than 20 acts included, in addition to a 50% discount on treatments.

Start 2021 with the best smile thanks to Boracay Brokers dental insurance.

Oral health is greatly neglected by public services and yet we find ourselves in need of having check-ups at least twice a year.The costs of these consultations are increased when we have to undergo different treatments such as cleanings or fillings.

These unforeseen events lead to financial headaches. However, as we well know, health is the most important thing, so we have no choice but to take it on.

With dental insurance we guarantee peace of mind for the future and the present avoiding scares and investing month by month in your smile and oral health.

In Boracay Brokers we are committed not only to offer you the best deals for you and your family, but also to customize products to suit your needs. Our team of professionals will be able to attend you personally in any of our two offices in Los Cristianos or by calling 635 466 770 or 683 554 317.

Don’t think about it anymore and give yourself a young, bright and healthy smile for this 2021, with all the guarantees of Boracay Brokers. More information on our website.

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