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Nowadays we can say, more safely, that health is the first and most important thing. Everything else, material or intangible, we can enjoy it if we are well and strong. That’s why Boracay Brokers has the best health insurance for you and your whole family, so you can enjoy everything else without worrying about the most important thing.

Why is it advisable to take out health insurance? Because that way we know that, whatever happens, we will be protected by the best coverages and that we will have and that we will have the best professionals at our service.

Don’t worry about health and leave it to Boracay Brokers

In Boracay Brokers we have a premise that sets us apart from other insurance brokerages: we customize all insurance to suit the needs and circumstances of our customers. We know that every person and family is different and that’s why we strive to customize insurance with coverages that are useful and practical for each case.

With health being the most important thing for you and your entire environment, our team will be able to offer you different offers at the best price without skimping on quality. The best hospitals and the most competent professionals on the island are among the insurance we offer.

Bet on the peace of mind and security of feeling that we are protected. Tell us your case and let us advise you all the way.

For us, health is also the most important thing and that’s why we have so much to offer you.  You can find out more on our website by writing to us at or in either of our two offices in Los Cristianos:

-Eden Building on Bulevar Chajofe Street, 3 Floor 1 Local 117 – 922 979 227

-Valdés Center Building on Amsterdam Local  Avenue 101A Gate 2 – 922 926 999

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