Insurance for self-employed workers.

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When are they obligatory and how much do they cost?

For self-employed people, it is recommended to have liability, disability and health insurance.

Insurance for self-employed workers is a guarantee, since it allows them to face possible unexpected events and situations that may occur during the performance of their work activity.

The civil liability insurance is obligatory for any sector or activity, since it is an insurance that covers any damage caused involuntarily to a third party.

In Boracay Brokers we will look for the best insurance adapted to your activity, and what you are worried about covering. Our specialized advisors will make the proposal according to your needs.

Another insurance to take into account is the temporary disability insurance. The insecurity in the life of a self-employed is greater than that of an employee, since in case of having to stop its activity for health-related issues can generate a very important economic loss. To avoid this uncertainty, these insurance policies are available.

Did you know that you can customize your temporary disability insurance?

There is the possibility of covering your absence from the first day of your illness, contract additionally accident insurance, or compensation insurance for hospitalization.

You can include it in your monthly expenses, the coverage to always be protected from any event.

In relation to health insurance, the cost of the premiums for being self-employed is much lower than the private individual policies, and the other advantage is that at the end of each fiscal year, you can deduct this expense.

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