How to know if you are paying the fair amount for the premium of your Home Insurance

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Do you know if you are paying the fair amount for the premium of your Home Insurance? In Boracay Brokers we explain to you the criteria that the insurance companies use to establish the price for it.

The companies usually consider some common aspects.

In the first place, you need to estimate the value of the content and the buildings.

The content referrers to all the furniture, home appliances, and the habitants’ personal objects. You also need to consider jewelries or valuable art collections.

In the other hand, the buildings are all the elements that make up the structure of the house like installation, decoration, gardens, pools and elevators.

The features of the house we want to insurance, like its age, the materials used in its construction. Square meters of surface, the number of rooms and the type of living place: single-family house, flat, country house.

The location of your home. If it’s located in a climate risk zone or in an area classified as unsafe, the price will be affected.

The use of the house. The policy price will change depending if it’s our first or second house or a rent house.

The number of people who live in the house, in fact, a home insurance covers the possible damage they could suffer.

All of these factors are considered risk factors and they are the ones that determine the chances to suffer some damage and the amount of money the insurance company should have to pay in that case.

When the insurance company values all these risk factors, it will calculate the premium of our policy.

Therefore, knowing and previously valuating all of these aspects is necessary to be conscious to what to expect when you have to take out a home insurance.

Once you know all of these factors, you can proceed to analyze all the different types of insurance.

An insurance brokerage like Boracay Brokers will take care of this for you.

In Boracay Brokers we will show you the different insurance commercially available (like basic insurances, full coverage, loyal liability, etc.) and you will be able to choose between those according to your needs.

We will study for you the different possible discounts of the different companies, to make sure you always pay the most convenient price.

Besides, we compromise to review your policy every year, to check if there are possibilities to improve your conditions. Always well insured with the most competitive premium commercially available.

If you are thinking in taking out a home insurance, don’t doubt to contact us through our website or come visit us in our offices. We are experts in home insurance and we will provide to you all the information you need.

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