EMERGENCY KIT IN VEHICLES: Mandatory and recommendations

Kit de emergencia para vehículos

In Spain, there are certain items that must always be carried in the car, while others are optional but highly advisable. Depending on the season of the year and our family and personal needs when traveling, the first aid kit should include different objects. Here we detail the elements that must be carried in the […]


Comparador de seguros en Boracay Brokers

An insurance comparator is an online tool that allows you to compare prices and coverage from different insurance companies. You can use it for car, motorcycle, home, health and life insurance. These comparators work through a form in which you provide information about the vehicle, home or person to be insured. Using an insurance comparator […]

Insurance for businesses

Seguros para emprendedores

Insurance for businesses Everything you need to know about business insurance to protect both the business and the entrepreneur. If you own a business, you probably spend a lot of your time designing plans and strategies to market your products, hire new staff, train them, think about the services you offer, improve your social media […]

Keys to bear in mind before taking out a health insurance policy

Claves a tener en cuenta antes de contratar un seguro de salud

When it comes to taking out health insurance, you may have many questions or doubts. We are going to try to guide you to make sure that the health plan you are considering is the right one for your preferences. Make sure it has a high limit and a low deductible. This means, that it […]

Insurance for recreational yachts is compulsory

Do you own a pleasure yacht or are you thinking of buying one? One of the first things you need to consider is insurance for your yacht. Yachts are marine vehicles. Therefore, just like a car or a motorbike, they need to be insured for damage to people or property that they may cause. The […]

How to use your health insurance step by step….

So you just took out your health insurance, but do you know how to use it? In this guide we’ll explain all the necessary steps to use your health insurance. 1. Check that you have all the necessary documentation, the office where you contracted the insurance should always give it to you or send it […]

What is a life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of the most sort after  and necessary insurances; We all know someone who has contracted life insurance and it is also one of the cheapest insurances on the market, even having lower premiums than health insurance, for example. But do you really know what life insurance is and what it covers? […]

Why do you need accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance (PA) is a contract with an insurance company to financially protect a person in the event of an accident. It’s a very important type of insurance even for individuals, and you cannot ignore the importance and benefits of having it contracted. Accident insurance offers you the peace of mind of knowing that, […]

The role of women in the insurance industry

It’s a subject that we rarely hear about, but at Boracay Brokers we have asked ourselves: what is the women role in the insurance industry? As stated in the Report Estamos Seguros, from the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Entities (UNESPA), there are currently more women than men working in this sector, making up […]

Boracay Brokers recommends to you some holiday destinations

Summer is already here and we all want to go on a trip and enjoy our holidays, even more if we think about all the years that we lost due to the pandemic. For this summer 2022, at Boracay Brokers we want to recommend to you some european destinations that it’s worth to visit. Procida […]

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