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In Boracay Brokers we not only have years of experience in the insurance Business but also have the best team of professionals at your disposal, and if there is something that makes us differents from others it’s our commitment to customizing and adapting any insurance to the customer’s needs. We look for the best for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

As we have mentioned on some occasion, insurances is changing over time, as our own needs as people and citizens are also evolving.

It is our responsibility to adapt to the new times and to be pioneers in all the possibilities that we can offer.

Don’t worry about anything, trust in Boracay Brokers

We protect your home, your pet, your car… We offer the best health coverages, we make sure nothing can go wrong on any of your trips. And most importantly, including all family members.

Our wide range of insurance, all with the best coverages, conditions and prices, makes it easy for you in this situation . In Boracay Brokers we want to take care of everything so that your only concern is to enjoy each day and experience.

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-Valdés Center Building on Amsterdam Avenue, Local 101A – Gate 2

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