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Travel Insurance

At Boracay Brokers we want you to travel safely anywhere in the world, that’s why our travel insurance includes:

. Medical assistance, providing you with the most appropriate specialists, equipment and medical services to treat you wherever you are.

. Trip cancellation costs: If you suffer a last minute accident and have to cancel your trip, you will receive a refund of the cancellation costs.

. Repatriation: If you are injured or ill, your insurance will take care of the transfer to the nearest clinic or hospital and if you have to be transferred to your home, they will organise your return as comfortably as possible.

. Luggage cover: If you lose your luggage during the trip, or your documents are stolen, your insurance company will search for them and compensate you if necessary.

You will find a warmth and closeness for you to feel more certainty, plus always maintaining a seriousness and professional approach, so that you feel sure, which is our priority, with this and satisfying your needs is an essential part that forms our identity.

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