Health insurance


Advantages of a Health policies

The main coverage of a health insurance is medical care. Health insurance companies have their own clinics, laboratories and healthcare centres, as well as an extensive list of approved centres. The insured person thus can avoid having to go on waiting listings, thus will receive their results of their analysis or tests more quickly. To be able to access directly specialists and therefore it’s not necessary to go to the general practitioner first.

It is possible to choose the centre that you want to attend and the specialist that will assist you. Access to alternative treatments and new techniques is usually associated with private health care. Greater advantages & benefits for companions (significant others), in case of hospital admission. Most private medical insurance have international health coverage for travel abroad, but only for emergencies, and generally cover temporary travel of less than 3 months, with capital up to € 15,000, repatriation for sick and injured, or death cases.

Types of Health Insurance

There are many types of health insurance, depending on the coverages included and the method of payment of the premium.

In general, they can be divided into: Full medical cover without co-payments, medical cover with co-payments, Full medical cover Free Election Worldwide with reimbursement, medical cover with hospitalization and dental insurance.

Medical Cover without co-payments

This type of insurance is for when you pay a single premium and with which you can go to the doctor’s office as many times as you wish without additional payments per visit. With a medical cover without co-payments you can choose any of the medical and hospital centres that have agreements with the insurer, that is, that are part of your medical network.

Medical Cover with co-payments

These policies allow the insured to go to the centres that are part of the medical network of their insurer, but in addition to the annual premium, a small payment is made for each visit or consultation. These amounts vary depending on the product and assistance received, the monthly payment is lower, and for an affordable amount, so you can obtain a full treatment insurance.

Medical Cover  with Refund (Free Election Worldwide) 

With this type of health insurance the user has free choice of doctors and clinics.

Once the assistance has been received at the centre of preference, the expenses are presented to the company and the latter is responsible for making a reimbursement to the insured of between 70%  and 100% of the costs, as established in the contracted health policy.

Health Insurance Coverages
  • Gynaecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Childcare
  • Nursing
  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency Service
  • Family planning
  • Preventive medicine
Other services that may be included
  • Possibility of second medical opinion
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy
  • Transplants
  • Prostheses
  • Acupuncture, homeopathy and natural medicine
  • Podiatry
  • Cryo umbilical cord conservation
  • Payment protection
  • Home help for convalescence
  • Genetic study of obesity
  • Gastric balloon treatment.
  • Food intolerance test

And if you only want to be able to access specialists without waiting, you can also opt for basic insurance for a lot less (Premium) than you might think.


This covers dental treatments and services exclusively. The most complete health insurance also includes free treatments, such as cleans. The dental insurance will allow you benefit from very notable discounts, so being able to access the services at a lower price than attending consultations with private professionals. In this way you can afford long-term treatments and even finance them via stage payments.

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