Hiring a car insurance is 44% cheaper through an insurance broker than if it´s done through another way, according to a study prepared by the firm Prisma, analyzing the evolution of the price of insurance contracted in Spain through insurance brokers.

The result of the study has revealed an average price of car insurance it´s 380 euros in 2019 and 369 euros in 2020, compared to the 683 euros recently announced by the comparator Kelisto.es (Annual car insurance price index) for the average price of car insurance in 2019.

Consumers paid in 2020 an average of 11% less per policy compared to 2019, (- 2.91%) when contracting through a broker, which offers a reasoned comparison of car insurance versus automated comparisons ». "This influences the quality of the product, the price, and consequently the effectiveness of the insurance contracted"

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