Business insurance


Whether you are self-employed, an SME or a large company, we have types of insurance that will cover all areas of your business. So you can concentrate on making your company grow, because we know how exposed you are to continuous risks.

We help you choose a product adapted to your needs with which your business will always be protected against any unforeseen event or risk, like theft, fire or water damage being the most worrying.

Who is covered ?

Everyone is covered by a flexible insurance policy that adapts to you and your business so you can go ahead knowing that your business has total protection, both outside of the business premises and on the stock, furniture and machinery inside it.


The value of the insurance should be on the estimated total reconstruction.


The value of the insurance should be on the total value of the furniture, including machinery and goods..

As well as, acts of vandalism and malicious acts, damage due to flooding and expenses of disembarkation and extraction of mud, search and location of water damage, smoke damage, damage due to collision or impact of land vehicles, damage due to falling spacecraft, aircraft and objects falling from the same, as well as sonic waves produced by aircraft and spacecraft, damage due to spillage, leakage or accidental escape from automatic fire extinguishing installations.

Other Coverages:

  • Goods at showcase

  • Robbery of employees and customers.

  • Transport of funds (day’s takings) from the premises to the financial institution.

  • Breakdown of machinery.

  • Damage to refrigerated food.

  • Transport (when the insured party transports goods and products from his business to his clients).

  • Extensive legal defense.

  • Loss of profits.

At Boracay Brokers you will find a warmth and closeness for you to feel more certainty, plus always maintaining a seriousness and professional approach, so that you feel sure, which is our priority, with this and satisfying your needs is an essential part that forms our identity.

 At Boracay Brokers we only work with the leading companies in the insurance market.

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